Democrats Entering Crisis Mode As 2022 Election Season Approaches

Democrats are beginning to signal concern about next year’s midterm elections seriously. Warning alarms should be going off in the offices of the Democratic National Convention and the production rooms of the corporate media.

We’re now almost a year into the administration the DNC turned to when it found Bernie Sanders’ decisive win in the South Carolina Democratic presidential primary unacceptable. Considering the party decided to add Kamala Harris into the mix with Sleepy Joe Biden, the results have been politically underwhelming.

History has consistently shown that the party in power after a presidential election typically performs poorly following the midterm election. Even though Democrats control both houses of Congress, Republicans flipped 15 seats in the House in 2020, leaving Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a razor-thin majority that she has been demonstrably incapable of commanding as she pleases. As for the Senate, without what happened in the Georgia runoff elections, Democrats would be dead in the water.

The Biden administration has had one crisis on top of another, from the disaster at the southern border to the utter embarrassment of the withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan. Add in the heavy-handed approach to COVID-19 mandates, spiking gas prices, overall price inflation, and the ongoing supply-chain bottlenecks, and things haven’t been great for Democrats.

Republicans Glenn Youngkin and Winsome Sears in Virginia also present Democrats with bad electoral news. Large groups of white and suburban voters who have recently turned away from Republicans may be showing real signs of having had enough of progressive Democrat feel-good electioneering.

Democratic support in rural areas is fading as many post-Trump Republicans are making inroads in the suburbs. That is a poor calculus for the DNC as the new year approaches.

As a result, Democrats must face the reality that making every election a referendum on President Trump is not a winning strategy. The Virginia election clearly shows that voters judge Democrats on their track record, not a staged narrative about Trump.