Democrats Finally Admit Defeat In Florida

In Florida, Democrats tried everything possible to make the state a 2.0 version of New York or California. This isn’t working out so well, though. For starters, many Florida transplants today are folks who fled Democrat-controlled states for want of freedom that no longer exists in the areas they left; at any moment, a new lockdown or new mandate could strike.

Secondly, the numbers just aren’t on the Democrats’ side. When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) was first elected in 2018, Florida Democrats had a sizable voter registration advantage over Republicans.

Now, Florida Republicans hold the voter registration advantage over Democrats to the tune of about 300,000. It turns out that many transplants from blue states registered to vote in Florida as Republicans.

In light of this and other details, Democrats appear to be finally realizing they won’t be able to make Florida a blue state.

Undeniable Wins For Florida Republicans
When Florida had gubernatorial elections in 2018 and 2014, the Democratic Governors Association invested millions of dollars to help left-wing candidates. During the current election cycle, the Democratic Governors Association only gave about $685,000.

Then, there’s the fact that GOP candidates are knocking Florida Democrats out of the park when it comes to fundraising. For content, Florida Republicans fundraised close to $200 million in recent state-level elections. Meanwhile, their Democratic counterparts have only raised about $29 million.

Even outside liberal donors who would ordinarily donate to Florida Democrats have started putting their resources into other elections.

In the Florida governor’s race, DeSantis is ahead of Democratic opponent Charlie Crist by double-digits. The same now also applies to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) who is running for another term against Democrat Val Demings.

Florida Democrats Getting Desperate
Earlier this week, DeSantis and Crist gathered for the one and only debate of this election cycle. The Florida Democrat relied on insults and attacks for most of the segment. Then, he tried to portray DeSantis as a COVID-19 lockdown governor.

Earlier this month, a campaign volunteer working with Sen. Rubio’s campaign was attacked and told Republicans couldn’t be in the neighborhood. The campaign volunteer eventually had to be hospitalized to receive treatment for broken bones and internal bleeding.

In Florida, early voting is already underway. It’s clear that most people of the state like the leadership of Republicans and will happily reelect them.