Democrats Preparing New Attacks Against Republicans

Things are not going well for Democrats at all. On education, foreign policy, the economy, etc., Americans overwhelmingly trust Republicans more than Democrats.

With the midterm elections getting closer, more Americans are tiring of mandates, inflation, shutdowns, and other policies that are hurting their lives, wallets, and livelihoods.

Democrats could very well rebrand and change their policies; yet, they’ve made it very clear they have no intention of doing this. Instead, they would rather tell the American public not to believe what is so clearly before their eyes.

This would explain why the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is planning to launch new attack ads against a Republican retreat in Florida. However, there are some issues associated with these planned attack ads, as Twitchy points out.

A Bad Call by the DNC

In an attempt to bring Republicans down a peg, the DNC reportedly plans to spend four figures in Florida to put out ads that target Republicans on education.

Aside from the left-wing ads being riddled with lies, Democrats are mistaken if they believe four figures will make a real difference in getting their ads circulated across the Sunshine State.

In fact, social media went ablaze on Thursday with people ripping the Democratic National Committee for only investing four figures on their attack ads. Some folks even humorously questioned if the DNC’s low budget was part of a larger strategy to be able to afford high gas prices.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, pointed out the Sunshine State has tons of media markets and that running ads in the state isn’t cheap by any means.

Pushaw even questioned whether or not it was possible for the Democratic National Committee to run ads in Florida with only a four figure budget.

Shifting Politics in Florida

Last year, Republicans scored a major win in Florida by gaining the voter registration advantage that Democrats enjoyed for so long.

Clearly, Democrats are hoping their ads attacking Republicans on healthcare will make a difference. However, as seen in voter registration numbers, many people moving to Florida are conservatives who grew tired of dealing with Democratic policies in other states.

Also, with a four figure budget, the Democratic National Committee wouldn’t even be able to afford one billboard in the city of Jacksonville, Florida.

If this ad is the best move Democrats can make in the hopes of taking back Florida, they’re going to be very disappointed with the outcome.