Democrats Shocked By Taliban Broken Promises

Over the time that Joe Biden’s held the office of president of the United States, he’s shown a disturbing tendency to team up with US allies.

Biden did this earlier this month when he approached Iran for oil supply. The president did this in spite of the fact that America has all the necessary tools here in our country to produce our own oil.

Last year, when Biden chose to pull our country’s troops out of Afghanistan, he showed more regard for a handshake deal that he reached with the Taliban than he showed for American lives.

Now, the president and other Democrats are shocked the Taliban reneged on a promise it made regarding the education of girls in Afghanistan, as documented by The Blaze.

Horrifying Nativity from America’s Leaders

This week, reports broke that girls in Afghanistan will not be able to get an education past the sixth grade. Of course, this is a complete walk back from the Taliban’s previous promises to permit the education of girls in the country.

Democrats and other members of Biden’s administration, in the wake of this announcement, have since taken to social media. Left-wing officials and lawmakers are flabbergasted that the Taliban isn’t living up to its word and taking a less hostile approach towards women and girls as they promised to do.

However, no one should really be surprised by this. The Taliban isn’t exactly known for its honor or morale code. In fact, it is a well-known terrorist organization, guilty of committing countless heinous and violent crimes against women and girls.

This is why Biden took so much heat last year when he put so much emphasis on living up to the evacuation deal that he made with the Taliban. If the shoe had been on the other foot, the Taliban wouldn’t have hesitated to break a deal with Biden if they believed it would benefit them to do so.

Scary Times Under the Biden Administration

No matter how Democrats choose to talk about what happened in Afghanistan last year, Biden’s sloppy management of troops in the nation led to the return of the Taliban’s rule.

What’s even more frightening is the reality that Biden hasn’t learned his lesson about treating the enemy with kid gloves. Biden’s still behaving in a largely submissive manner to Putin. He’s still trying to play nice with countries like Iran that gleefully chant “death to America.”

With this type of leadership running the country, there’s no telling what other horrors may lie ahead.