Democrats Still Calling to Expand the Supreme Court

The left-wing crusade to pack the Supreme Court with more justices is not new. Democrats have been calling for this ever since former President Trump was in office.

When Democrats rally to expand the Supreme Court, they brand this as a fair measure that will ensure “democracy” stays intact. Meanwhile, Republicans and others who oppose court-packing are sounding the alarm about the real intentions behind this proposal.

The political right notes that leftist calls to expand the court are just Democrats’ intended plan of securing more power for themselves. To this day, Democrats are continuing to call for court-packing and cite various reasons they think would justify such a move.

Today’s Democrats on Expanding the Supreme Court
Days ago, Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-NJ) took to Twitter, calling upon his party to support a policy that would add new justices to the Supreme Court.

After repeating the typical talking point about US democracy, the Democratic lawmaker also said this measure would lead to revitalizing the Constitution and countering so-called GOP court-packing.

Democrats have long held that Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is an example of “court-packing.”

Pascrell’s call for expanding the highest court in the land follows several recent Supreme Court rulings that haven’t gone the way leftists would have liked.

The top two examples of such rulings include the takedown of Roe v. Wade and “may issue” concealed carry laws at the state level.

Rigging the Game?
Pascrell is one of many Democrats who strives for America to have a Supreme Court dominated by left-wing rule. The claim that it’s all about democracy doesn’t mesh with what advocates of court-packing are saying themselves.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that puts limits on the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency, Democrats once again renewed calls to expand the court.
In doing so, they also conceded that an expanded court would make it easier for the left to pass various reforms.

As Democrats demand for court packing to occur, they’re also calling on Joe Biden to repeatedly lean into his executive order powers to get left-wing agendas enacted.

Conservatives warn that what the left wants is a nationwide one-party rule where Democrats have all the power and no possibility of ever losing an election or court battle.