Democrats Weaponizing Federal Power Against Opponents

Democrats are pursuing a short-sighted and destructive tact for holding onto Washington — weaponizing the immense power of the federal government to destroy their opponents.

The party in power is intent on rewriting the rules of dealing with the opposition, and they act as though they will always remain in control. And so far, they’ve gotten away with it.

In the early stages, Democrats enjoyed stripping committee assignments from their most vocal critics. Disenfranchising and annoying, it was only a precursor to actions to come.

Times have changed. The nation watched this week as a storm of FBI agents descended on the residence of a former president. The reason? Laws over archiving papers. Not the treasonous acts the left likes to bandy about when hurling accusations. Mere paperwork.

A former president who is no longer in office. A potential political opponent of the sitting president under whom the Justice Department works.

Now there are arrests and even convictions over technical issues of executive privilege. Refusing to answer a congressional subpoena is now punishable by prison for former President Donald Trump’s White House political director.

Steve Bannon just became the first person to face prison for contempt since the House Un-American Activities Committee rooted out actual Hollywood communists in 1948. It has been tried and failed in a few instances since, but this time may be different.

And Democrats have a hit list a mile long of those they want to see behind bars for their loyalty to the former president. Do they truly believe that the pendulum will not swing back the other way?

Republicans know that it will, and the game the Democrats started playing during the Trump administration may be about to take a vicious turn. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) made no bones about his intentions if or when the GOP controls the House again.

And the first action will be of major concern to the Justice Department. McCarthy declared that “we will conduct immediate oversight of their department, follow the facts, and leave no stone unturned.”

Is this what President Joe Biden meant when he spoke of the “healing” that was to begin when he took office? Unprecedented convictions and raids?