Dershowitz: Georgia Grand Jury Investigating Trump Is Partisan Mess

Harvard law professor emeritus and noted Democratic attorney Alan Dershowitz ripped into the Georgia grand jury investigating former President Donald Trump.

Appearing on Newsmax’s “The Record WIth Greta Van Susteren,” Dershowitz echoed criticisms of grand jury forewoman Emily Kohrs. She parted from traditional protocol by going on a media whirlwind of interviews and shedding light on the indictment effort.

As Dershowitz said, she may have done nothing wrong legally, but her conversations with the news media revealed partisan “horrors” in the process. The partial grand jury report was released last week.

As he explained, without her interviews “we would not know how bad this was.

Dershowitz is far from a Republican shill. In fact, he confirmed that he will eagerly vote against Trump for a third time in 2024 if the former president once again secures the GOP nomination.

However, he proclaimed in no uncertain terms that Trump will be exonerated on appeal if Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is successful in her indictment attempt. As he said, the dictionary definition of “find” will be the deciding factor.

Dershowitz recounted that Trump asked the Georgia Secretary of State to “find 11,780 votes — find.” The dictionary meaning is “something’s been lost and you have to find it. It doesn’t mean something’s been invented or created.”

As the legal scholar asserted, “No court of appeals, no appellate court would ever uphold a conviction based on that alone.”

While interviewed on Newsmax, Dershowitz pointedly called out the 65 Project, a campaign targeting lawyers who defended Trump. Pulling no punches, he categorized the effort as an assortment of “radical, woke, left-wing, unethical lawyers.”

Dershowitz will soon release “Get Trump: The Threat to Civil Liberties, Due Process, and Our Constitutional Rule of Law.” His new book chronicles the vast overreaches by many in both the federal and state governments in pursuing their own brand of vengeance against the former president.

And while he said there will likely be an indictment, it will not stand legal scrutiny. The left is determined to stop Trump from running “at all costs,” and they don’t care if the Constitution, judicial system, legal precedents, or dignity of the grand jury system are thrown out with his candidacy.