DeSantis Announces Florida Will Reroute Illegal Immigrants to Blue States

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has a plan in mind for addressing Joe Biden’s federal contractors who dump illegal migrants into the Sunshine State. The governor has said he intends to approve a bill from the state legislature that will immediately re-route the illegal immigrants to “Blue” states around the country, including Biden’s home state of Delaware.

DeSantis told the media on Thursday that he will sign the bill “very soon” and it will be effective on July 1. He also said federal contractors will face penalties for dumping illegal aliens from the border in Florida.

DeSantis said there is now a “massive caravan” coming to America’s southern border while Biden is “fumbling around on late-night TV shows.” The governor said that Biden needs to “get in the game” and defend U.S. sovereignty because the flood of illegals is not only going to overwhelm Texas but many other communities as well.

The GOP firebrand went on to point out that the border crisis has gone into overdrive since Biden assumed office. He said the border situation is “the worst it’s ever been” and as a result, the country is dealing with fentanyl, sex trafficking, and “all kinds of really, really bad stuff.”

Even though Florida does not share a land border with a foreign nation, its climate, overall accessibility, and economic conditions make it a popular destination for illegals coming to the U.S. through Mexico.

DeSantis said that he is often asked “what do you care,” since Florida is not a direct border state. He said he responds to that sentiment by pointing out every state’s shared responsibility to “fight back.”

The governor said that the rerouting of any illegal migrants dumped in Florida will go first to “sanctuary states.” That term is generally understood by Republican lawmakers to mean places where illegal immigrants are protected from laws that apply to their unlawful presence inside the U.S.

Democrats use the same term to mean places where they consider “undocumented migrants” should be protected from “aggressive attempts at deportation.” says the country currently has seven states that meet the definition of “sanctuary state,” including California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon, and Vermont.