Detroit School Administrator Acknowledges CRT Is Being Taught In Government Schools

The recent election in Virginia went a long way in exposing the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and the lies told by the governmental education cartel. Parents are becoming less patient every day with their tax dollars being used to fund schools, administrators, and teachers who say to their children they are bad people because of their skin color.

Democrats have relied upon their most trusted ally, the corporate media, in telling the parents they are extorting that critical race theory (CRT) either doesn’t exist or isn’t being taught in American government schools.

A story on Michigan Live from July finally admitted that CRT is part of college education in Michigan but said that it is “not currently being taught in K-12 schools anywhere in Michigan or the country.” Then in August, Michigan superintendent of public education Michael Rice said at a governmental education meeting that CRT is “not a curricular issue” in K-12 public education.

Dorinda Carter, a professor at Michigan State University, declared this summer that CRT teaches that racism is “rooted” in a “socially constructed racial hierarchy” used by white people to “reap benefits” through “misuse of power.” She added that the death of George Floyd and violence against the “Asian pan-ethnic community prove that problems remain.”

A surprising statement of acknowledgment came last week from Nikolai Vitti, the Superintendent of Detroit Public Schools. He said that the system’s teaching is “deeply using” CRT, especially in social studies, language arts, and other areas. He said that students need to understand the “truth of history” and the injustices in America.

Michigan is beginning to come around to acknowledging the existence of a CRT curriculum in the state’s schools, and some state lawmakers are expressing disapproval. A new bill introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives would stop any program promoting “race or gender stereotyping.”

A new Michigan Senate bill would remove 5 percent funding from government schools found to be teaching CRT. The bills are sponsored by Republican lawmakers and have already received strong opposition from teachers’ union members and officials.