Disney’s Shareholder Calls Out The Company For Throwing Away Shareholders’ Investments

Disney shareholder, Rob Keating, is calling out Walt Disney for becoming involved in left-wing political crusades and opposing Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill.

While talking to Fox News, Keating argued that Disney should focus on their job of entertaining the masses.

After Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek expressed his views against the Parental Rights in Education bill last month, Disney came into the spotlight of cultural wars.

The legislation has been misinterpreted as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by Disney on several occasions. But the bill does not restrict the term “gay” at all. The bill prohibits gender identity and sexual orientation discussions in classrooms from kindergarten until third grade.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) recently signed the legislation into law. And in response, Walt Disney issued a statement, according to which the company is willing to fight this legislation until it gets repealed.

According to Rob Keating, CEO Bob Chapek should go back to work, instead of squandering shareholders’ money on political agendas that Disney should not be a part of.

While referring to an article, Keating also pointed out that Disney entangled itself in a political disaster regarding a matter that’s not even a part of the company’s business concern.

Keating further added that business officials who utilize the company’s money and resources, including investments by shareholders, and get involved in political agendas, are actually stealing from the business and its shareholders.

Keating’s words came in response to Kristan Hawkins’, who is the president of Students for Life of America and a mother as well, viral farewell message to Disney, in which she called out Disney for becoming “a weapon for political brainwashing that promotes abortions and immorality among children.

Moreover, leaked footage from a Disney staff meeting revealed senior officials and producers bragging about their “gay agenda.”