Diverse UK City Declares War On Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Leftists claim there is no War on Christmas while frantically engaging in a War on Christmas. One English city already has the distinction of firing an early shot against the most cherished Christian holiday.

Bradford, which is described as “diverse,” announced it will raise a “multi-faith festive tree” to celebrate the season. This word came from the West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce’s Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Business Committee.

The latest census showed that one-third of the city’s population hailed from minority backgrounds.

Committee chairwoman Nasreen Karim told local media that she is “truly delighted that this initiative is taking off.” The U.K. is being overrun by leaders who are “delighted” to see its culture and traditions pushed aside for the benefit of newcomers.

Karim said that with the expulsion of the Christmas tree in favor of the “festive tree,” diverse businesses were being represented, and “all voices were being heard.”

She added that the goal is to “bring communities together.”

What brings communities together are traditions of the nation in which they reside. Pushing the heritage of the native populations aside in a misguided attempt to accommodate others is wrong and short-sighted.

A piece in the Washington Times last December summed up the yuletide situation beautifully. Those on the left, the op-ed declared, simply hate “all expressions of faith in our society.”

Christmas is a uniter, but radical liberals misguidedly view it as a divider. For example, only 63% of the current U.S. population call themselves Christian.

However, a staggering 93% of Americans celebrate the holiday. As the Times noted, this means nearly a third of those who are festive during Christmas are non-believers.

But the left doesn’t want the word Christmas used. We are supposed to replace it with “holiday” to accommodate the few who do not celebrate the season and be more inclusive.

And even as they attempt to eradicate everything but the most secular aspects of the holiday, liberals ridicule those who have the audacity to assert the War on Christmas even exists. It’s a figment of Fox News’ imagination, they say, another far-right conspiracy theory.

Yet every year, even as the majority are told their beliefs and traditions are not under attack, Christmas is relegated far beneath the status it has held for centuries. One must be in complete denial not to see this reality.