Donald Trump, Jr. Stands With Canadian Truckers Running “Freedom Convoy 2022”

Even though the “Freedom Convoy 2020” of truckers in Canada has been receiving little or no coverage in the American corporate media, it has come to the favorable attention of Donald Trump, Jr.

Trump said in a video that he is proud of the truckers taking part in the mobile protest headed toward the Canadian capital city of Ottawa, demanding an end to COVID overreach and tyranny.

Describing the 70-kilometer long convoy of big rigs as a “genius idea,” Trump said that when people stand together to “push back against the insanity,” the people can win. Trump added that Canadians and Americans need more people willing to say “enough is enough to the nonsense.”

The Freedom Convoy has also been publicly endorsed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, top podcaster Joe Rogan, and famous psychology superstar Jordan Peterson.

The convoy started a “slow roll” to Ottawa over the weekend to respond to vaccine mandates and restrictions imposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and various provincial premiers.

The convoy has raised more than $4.7 million, although it now appears that GoFundMe has frozen access to the funds.

Every Canadian province has some form of a vaccine passport requirement for businesses, imposing discriminatory practices against all unvaccinated persons. François Legault, province premier of Quebec, has banned people from entering Costco or Walmart without proof of vaccination. He has also announced a new tax plan to impose higher taxes on the unvaccinated.

Canada’s draconian restrictions are multiplying even as medical evidence is mounting that vaccine passports and mandates have failed in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

The organizers of the convoy have said that the Canadian mandates are a gross assault on the freedom of individuals to make their own medical decisions. They also argue that the measures are ineffective and unnecessary, especially given the evidence of the minimal risk of asymptomatic infection and the relative superiority of natural immunity to immunity from vaccination.