Eco-Terrorist Confirmed As Director Of Federal Bureau Of Land Management

As Capitol Hill rumbled with fierce negotiations over Joe Biden’s Build Back Better massive spending proposals, the Senate quietly voted Thursday evening to confirm Tracy Stone-Manning as Biden’s nominee to head the Bureau of Land Management by a vote of 50-45.

Stone-Manning has a long and well-documented history as a radical environmentalist who has sympathized with eco-terrorist organizations.

She has declared herself as a member of Earth First, a known radical eco-terrorist organization. She admitted sending a letter that she retyped to the U.S. Forest Service warning the government of a tree spiking operation the group undertook in Idaho.

Tree spiking involves driving metal spikes into trees that are designated for cutting. The points are driven entirely into the trees at different heights so that chainsaws and other equipment will impact the unseen spikes, causing significant equipment damage and posing a threat of great bodily harm or death to operators.

At the time of the tree spiking operation, Stone-Manning was self-described as “extremely anti-government” and was active inside the Earth First! Organization.

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee was contacted by former Forest Service Special Agent Michael Merkley regarding Stone-Manning’s nomination. Merkley was the lead agent on the tree spiking investigation involving Stone-Manning. He said that she was antagonistic and only cooperated with the investigation when she was told she would likely face federal charges if she did not agree to assist.

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) said that Stone-Manning lied during her confirmation hearing. He said that her claim that the tree spiking operation was only “alleged” and that the government never investigated her regarding her involvement was untruthful. Barrasso demanded that the White House withdraw her nomination.

Stone-Manning’s nomination was opposed by two previous Bureau of Land Management directors. Bob Abbey was director during the Obama administration and said that Stone-Manning’s “resume will just bring needless controversy” that does not help the agency’s mission.

All 50 Democratic senators voted for Stone-Manning’s confirmation, and no Republicans voted in favor of her appointment. Not voting was Republican Sens. Marsha Blackburn (TN), John Cornyn (TX), Jerry Moran (KS), Rand Paul (KY), and Tommy Tuberville (AL).