Elder Voting Fraud in Wisconsin Poses National Security Risks

The Federalist ran a story by Margot Cleveland this week detailing the findings of an investigation into voting fraud involving elderly voters in Wisconsin. The sheriff of Racine County held a press conference last week to announce the results of a fraud investigation involving residential care facilities. It was revealed that the Wisconsin Election Commission told cities to act against the law by sending absentee ballots by mail to residents in care facilities rather than using Special Voting Deputies to assist residents with voting.

As a result, the investigation further revealed violations of Wisconsin election laws by employees of at least one Racine nursing home. The evidence indicated that several elderly voters were improperly influenced regarding their votes.

Cleveland discussed how the press conference exposed an “utter disregard” for election law requirements by state officials and their refusal to stop flagrant misconduct. The instructions of the election commission were contrary to law, but they were issued without question. The law requires that a municipal clerk appoint special voting deputies to supervise absentee voting inside care facilities. As things stand, it appears that these apparent infractions of the law will not be prosecuted.

The corporate press has so far ignored the story and the violations of election laws. A Wisconsin Democratic Party official referred to the sheriff’s press conference as a “publicity stunt.”

When violations are reported in the media, they are regularly dismissed as merely technical violations. In reality, every illegal or fraudulent vote disenfranchises a legal voter in every election. The report of the fraud in Wisconsin should create national attention. It involved fraud perpetrated on vulnerable seniors who are the persons for whom election security laws are specifically designed.

The problem of overt election fraud is not limited to Wisconsin, of course. Unfortunately, the media is becoming more controlled by national directives and seems less likely than ever to honestly and thoroughly report on how election officials themselves are more often at the very center of voting fraud and illegal election procedures.