Elizabeth Warren Tests Positive For COVID Despite Vaccine And Booster

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has had a rough few days. She had an unfortunate public battle with billionaire Elon Musk about the federal income tax he pays, and news has since surfaced that the fully-vaccinated pretend-native-American has tested positive for COVID-19.

Mike Miller wrote a commentary on Warren’s situation on RedState this weekend, pointing out that Republicans are not lining up to wish Warren anything other than best wishes for a fast recovery. That is compared with the take from some of the political left regarding the death of Republican Washington State Sen. Doug Ericksen from COVID-19 last week.

Warren took to Twitter on Sunday to reveal that after earlier negative tests last week, she tested positive with “a breakthrough case.” She said she was only experiencing mild symptoms and was thankful for being vaccinated and boosted.

On Friday, Warren joined with over 80 Democratic members of Congress to demand an additional $17 billion for international COVID measures. Their letter said that the omicron variant is more transmissible than the delta variant, and the U.S. “must end this cycle.”

The Democrat lawmakers said that could be done by getting more vaccines delivered to low and middle-income countries. The lack of vaccines was described as the reason for the continuing transmission of the omicron variant.

Miller points out an interesting question for Warren. If vaccines are the key to ending the pandemic, she should be asked why she is now infected with COVID-19 despite her double shot plus booster. He stated that he believes that America and the world will be dealing with “COVID colds or the COVID flu” from now on. Soon, everyone will accept variants and new vaccine boosters in much the same way as seasonal flu shots and strains are now seen everywhere.

In lamenting the news of vaccines and boosters coming soon for young children, Miller points out that the left continues to put the narrative of fear-mongering above the facts of the mildness of the newest variant of COVID, indeed to be followed by others even more transmissible and mild. Despite Warren’s situation, the left is not likely to let go of the narrative of fear leading to greater government control soon.