Emails Reveal Biden Admin Appointee Was Partner In Biden Family Business

John Nevergole, who currently sits on the Biden administration’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa (PAC-DBIA), was a partner in the Biden family’s business activities in Western Africa before joining the administration, according to emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Nevergole was given the position in the Biden administration by Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo on July 14. Raimondo has her own fair share of troubling business ties, as her husband is “a top executive at artificial intelligence company PathAI. PathAI has received financial contributions from Danhua Capital, a California-based company that receives financial support from the Chinese Communist Party,” according to Breitbart News.

Meanwhile, Nevergole was previously a business partner of the president’s son, Hunter Biden, through the Biden family’s now-defunct investment firm which conducted business in Africa.

During his time as the co-founder and CEO of project development firm ABD Group, Nevergole was simultaneously working with Hunter Biden’s firm — Rosemont Seneca Advisors — as a senior advisor. Nevergole held that position since 2012, introducing the Biden family business to key contacts in China, Africa and Latin America, according to emails from Hunter’s laptop that were verified by Fox News.

Breitbart News surmised that “Nevergole and Hunter’s association with Rosemont Seneca likely began as early as 2011.”

Curiously, the business relationship between the two was recorded in Nevergole’s ABD bio and remained there until it was erased in 2019 — just one year before President Joe Biden entered the White House.

Breitbart News also noted: “It appears Nevergole had requested Hunter’s company provide him a slot retainer fee of 70/30 to broker lucrative deals between Rosemont and Brazilian construction giant OAS. Nevergole’s business relationship included projects concerning natural gas and related projects in Latin America, along with China and Africa.”

Emails from 2015 reveal that Nevergole had offered Hunter Biden’s business partner, Eric Schwerin, advice to give to Hunter before his planned trip to China.

“In terms of Hunter’s trip to China, I would say one immediate thing is if there are any large firms, typically the state-owned construction companies, that they know who we should try to meet when we go to China,” Nevergole wrote in an email. “These groups generally bring funding from China Exim to fund the African government on a project to be done by the China state-owned construction firm.”

“For example, this is what we are doing with CACC (China Airport Construction Corporation) and what we do with Samsung with Kexim money,” the email continued. “They work with us to put the deal together in Africa.”

In January 2017, just a few months after Joe Biden left his position as vice president, Nevergole’s company ABD was holding a 30% interest in “six energy, infrastructure and healthcare projects in Western Africa,” according to an email from Schwerin to Hunter.

In November 2021, several months after Joe Biden became president, ABD signed a preliminary business deal with Ageroute — Senegal’s government-run infrastructure company — to “develop, finance, and construct two bridges to ensure trade between Senegal and its neighbors remains easily accessible.”

That deal was signed on November 22 in Senegal — and Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken was a participant.

“I believe that the ripple effects will be felt throughout Senegal. Better infrastructure can create jobs, can connect more people to cities, can improve public safety, and can increase resilience against climate change,” Blinken said at the event.

Nevergole also sent out a press release when the deal was signed, which included a statement celebrating Biden’s “Build Back Better” initiative.

“President Biden’s Build Back Better world initiative is delivering on its promise of driving investment in Africa, building new markets for American companies, and creating jobs at home and abroad,” the press release read. “We’re grateful for Secretary Blinken’s attendance at today’s MOU signing, alongside Minister Hott, on his first trip to Africa.”

At the moment, it is unknown if the Biden family received any profit from its Senegal business dealings with ABD.

As the House Republicans are currently investigating the Biden family business, it is likely that Nevergole will be called to provide testimony.