Liberal ESPN Host Claims Trump Ran Due To NFL Snub

Long-time ESPN host Stephen A. Smith now claims that not only did Donald Trump run for president to pay the NFL back for snubbing him, but he admitted it to Smith on a phone call.

Isn’t the left always ripping conservatives for so-called “conspiracy theories?”

Granted, Smith receives a paycheck to prattle on about anything and everything, and well-thought-out opinions are not his forte. It is still a surprising and interesting addition to the vast collection of blame-Trumpisms.

Smith says Trump, whose bid to purchase the Buffalo Bills franchise was rejected, called him in 2014. The attempt to buy the team was ongoing, and Smith said Trump told him that “if they screw me over,” he would “get them all back” and run for president.

The former president is even alleged to have said “I’m going to show them.”

One interesting angle is that Smith, who was conversing on ESPN’s “First Take,” indicates the target of Trump’s ire is misread. Smith strongly suggests that the former quarterback’s kneeling protests were “politicized” by Trump in a vengeful way, but for a hidden reason.

It was not Kaepernick personally who the president was vilifying over the kneeling, but the entire league in which he had a grudge against.

So, Smith declares, all the criticism of former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling for the national anthem was simply revenge. Interestingly, the host made the same claim in 2018 on the air, but that received little or no attention.

Now, however, with Kaepernick receiving a tryout with the Las Vegas Raiders, the subject was broached again. The quarterback has been exiled from the league for years while vocally calling for another shot at the game.

Smith’s recall of the 2014 phone conversation brings an interesting new take. In other words, being the ringleader for disrespectful protests did not cause the president’s criticism. Rather, it was the president being upset about not being welcomed into the fraternity of NFL owners. Right.

Kaepernick was merely exercising his right to peaceably protest, and the mean president “politicized” his actions as vengeance on the league. Further, the reason Trump ran at all for the world’s most powerful position was to get back at the NFL. Now that’s a whale of a conspiracy theory.