Establishment Republicans In Illinois ‘Supporting’ Liberal Candidate For Governor

Establishment Republicans in Illinois support a liberal candidate for the party’s candidate for Governor this year. Mayor Richard Irvin of Aurora is the choice of the more progressive members of the GOP who wield significant political power in the state.

Mayor Irvin has an established track record of supporting policies endorsed by progressives and liberals in the state. His city has mandated COVID-19 vaccines or weekly testing for all city workers. Employees who do not comply have been prohibited from reporting to work on city property or using city vehicles.

The Mayor has also allocated public funds to go to Aurora’s gay “Pride Parade” and has marched as part of the parade.

When he allocated $3,000 of city funds to the Pride Parade, he said a “monetary gap” should not stop the “momentum gained” since the inaugural parade. In his address before joining the parade, he said that the event was about “pride and our community being together as one people.”

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Irvin was “recruited to run” by a network of establishment liberal Republicans who also organized his campaign. The Irvin network promotes a pro-gay and pro-abortion agenda and connects former Republican Governor Bruce Rauner and former GOP Senator Mark Kirk.

Rauner said in his 2014 campaign that he had “no social agenda.” His wife, a “lifelong Democrat” and abortion advocate featured prominently in his run for Governor. As Governor, he signed bills requiring taxpayers to fund abortion through state Medicaid allocations. He also enacted a law allowing persons to obtain new birth certificates changing their birth sex on the document.

Kirk supported abortion rights marriage for gay couples and supported bills in Congress that would have removed religious freedom protections from pro-life private businesses who elected not to cover abortion or birth control as part of health insurance provided under Obamacare.

Irvin has a more conservative record on abortion than other establishment GOP Illinois politicians. He has said that he believes Planned Parenthood is bad for his city, saying that in addition to providing abortions, the organization was deceptive with the community by using different names while establishing and building its facility there. His proposed running mate, state Rep. Avery Bourne is a pro-life Republican who has opposed abortion.

The Irvin campaign reportedly did not respond to a request for comment from LifeSiteNews about the Mayor’s stance on COVID mandates, abortion, or gay rights issues.