Europe Turns On Biden For Alleged Profits During Crisis

Outrage has fallen on President Joe Biden’s administration as top European officials see mass suffering in EU countries. EU officials say that Americans are profiting from the war in Ukraine at their expense.

One senior official told Politico that the U.S. is profiting most from the war because of higher gas sales at higher prices and more weapons sales.

Further, European officials, diplomats, and ministers resent the American subsidies that threaten to destroy European industries. The Russian Federation likely loves the increased tension among Western allies.

EU officials say that the trade disruption from U.S. subsidies and high energy prices risk both the war effort and the transatlantic alliance. Public opinion is shifting to a negative view of alliances due to their impact. European Chief Diplomat Josep Borrell is calling for a response from the Biden Administration about the economic effects they are suffering due to decisions in Washington.

A spokesperson for Biden’s National Security Council replied to the EU official’s cry for help, but the response was very unfavorable. In a rejection of complaints, the spokesperson said that the rise in gas prices for Europe directly responds to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the energy war. The NSC stated that international exports of liquefied natural gas increased dramatically.

Biden’s green subsidies and taxes have caused the most significant points in tension between allies. Brussels says the subsidies tilt the trade scale away from the EU and threaten European industries. Simultaneously, the response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is causing a recession, skyrocketing inflation in European economies and threats of energy supply blackouts this winter. Since EU countries can’t rely on Russian energy, they have been getting gas from the U.S. instead but at four times the price of American fuel.

French President Emmanuel Macron said American gas prices were not “friendly,” and Germany called on the White House to help reduce energy costs. Ministers and diplomats have voiced serious frustration with the Biden administration for ignoring the impact of domestic policies on European allies. President Biden has not backed down from his subsidies and plans domestically. But U.S. and EU diplomats agree that the hardship between partners is exactly what Putin wants to see.