Even Border Crossers Terrified of NYC Crime

New York City Mayor Eric Adams was shocked when he greeted what was expected to be a busload of migrants sent from Texas. Of the 40 who should have been on the bus, only 14 got off at the Midtown Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Even the mayor said that the majority of illegal migrants had likely already skipped due to fear of crime in his city.

Adams told reporters that because of fear “that something was going to happen to them” if they came to the Big Apple, “people got off earlier.”

That is quite an admission from the mayor of the nation’s largest city. New York City claims to welcome migrants from the Texas border with open arms, but the feeling is apparently not mutual.

The 14 who did brave the journey were processed and then let out for cab rides. Approximately 50 migrants arrived in the city on Friday, and the new arrivals were greeted by City Hall staff with bags of supplies that included boxed meals.

Adams, who brought a career in law enforcement with him to the mayor’s office, said he is not going to ask for federal help in dealing with the influx. That is something that came out of Washington D.C., where city officials called the over 6,100 new migrants a “humanitarian crisis.”

He did, however, say that it is “unimaginable” what the state of Texas has done. Adams claimed that the country has always been open for those fleeing “persecution and other intolerable conditions.”

Mostly true, but there historically has been an orderly process through which those fleeing persecution entered the country. President Joe Biden’s throwing the border wide open for hundreds of thousands to flood south Texas and Arizona is not a humanitarian act — it is chaotic and dangerous.

But apparently not as dangerous as being in New York City.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has a decidedly different perspective on the border crisis. As he noted, being situated beside Mexico should not doom a state to handling the influx of literally tens of thousands of illegal immigrants each month.

Abbott, whose invitation to Mayor Adams to tour the border region was turned down, vowed to continue sending crossers further inland to so-called “sanctuary” cities. This, he said, makes New York City the “ideal destination” for illegal migrants flooding across the border.

As long as they are not too afraid to go.