Expert Now Warns Against mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine

For the longest time, Americans have been repeatedly told that COVID-19 vaccines are both effective and safe. This talking point was used to justify mandates and shut down anyone who raised genuine concerns about these vaccines.

Americans with reservations about the speed in which these shots came out were routinely dismissed and gaslit. The same also goes for folks who questioned the effectiveness of these shots.

Now, one official who used to be completely on board with COVID-19 vaccines is warning that mRNA shots are dangerous and ought to be discontinued.

More Information on mRNA Shots
Dr. Aseem Malhota works as a cardiologist and was previously all for COVID-19 vaccines. Then, after Malhota’s father received a shot from Pfizer, he passed away due to cardiac arrest.

In the aftermath of his father’s death, it turned out that his arteries were found to have blockages ranging from 70% to 90%. This doesn’t add up since the cardiologist’s father was physically active and lived a very healthy lifestyle.

After observing various peer-reviewed studies, Malhota learned that one a person receives a mRNA vaccine, their likelihood of coronary issues goes up. This is why Malhota is now warning that mRNA shots need to be stopped.

He recently shared his story on Fox News, saying it’s his duty as a medical professional to ensure that folks are aware and informed. Malhota also spoke critically against COVID-19 vaccine mandates, citing them as “coercive” and not in line with medical evidence based on facts.

What All Did Big Pharma Know?
In further remarks on Fox News, Malhota also expressed reservations regarding the notion that Pfizer had no idea of the dangers associated with mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

Then again, all vaccines for this virus were rolled out in a hurry, despite COVID-19’s high survivability rate for most people.

In spite of these latest developments, COVID-19 vaccine mandates still exist in the US military, with no sign of the Biden administration letting up.

Meanwhile, the CDC recently came out and said COVID-19 vaccines should be added to the list of mandatory shots that children must receive in order to attend school.

Time will only tell what other details about these vaccines have yet to be revealed.