Extremists Boycotting Walgreens Over Abortion Pills By Mail

The nation’s second-largest retail pharmacy faces a boycott from pro-abortion extremists for their decision to comply with federal law over distributing abortion pills by mail.

The chain, under pressure from GOP attorneys general, announced last week that it will not dispense the controversial pills in some states. They include states where abortion is legal.

In a statement, Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach called the company’s decision “a significant victory for the pro-life cause and for women’s health.”

The AG said the distribution of the pills without a physician present presents women with the risk of complications. He expressed his gratitude to company leaders for their willingness to comply with the law.

This did not, however, stop hashtags such as #BoycottWalgreens from trending on Twitter late last week. Leftists ramped up their calls to withhold business from a company that simply complied with already-existing federal law.

Politico reported that Walgreens will not immediately distribute the abortion pills anywhere in the U.S. However, it is working towards getting certification in certain states.

Almost two dozen state attorneys general wrote the company last month threatening legal action if Walgreens began distributing abortion pills. Company officials told Politico that the AGs were assured that abortion pills would not be distributed by mail or in physical stores in those states.

The states where abortion pills will not be dispersed include somewhere abortion and the specific medications are legal. They include Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, and Montana.

Kansas has a law mandating that abortion pills only be obtained directly from a physician, but it is currently blocked in court.

The patchwork quilt of abortion laws is challenging for the retail pharmacy industry, according to E. Michael Murphy of the American Pharmacists Association. He said members must wade through “blatant contradictions between state and federal law.”

The Biden administration in January moved to allow retail pharmacies to dispense abortion pills, despite the clear federal restriction on delivering them through the mail. It was then that Republican attorneys general mailed their admonition to several national retailers.

Walgreens said its move was made out of an abundance of caution, and it made the right choice. It is proof that pro-life voices are being heard across the nation, and companies understand they must comply with the law, despite intense pressure from the left.