FBI’s New Target Is A Democrat Who Spoke Up Against Biden’s Border Policies

Hoover, a staunch Republican, employed the FBI to apprehend real criminals and as a spy organization, pursuing everyone he suspected of being a communist. Any Democrat or other liberal would quickly concur that the FBI was crooked under Hoover.

With the cooperation of the DOJ, the FBI is going one better than Hoover by investigating and arresting anyone who does not support the Biden Administration utilizing all of the old authorities and new technologies. Texas Representative Henry Cuellar, who spoke out against Biden’s criminal conduct destroying America’s southern border, is the FBI’s newest target.

Enrique Roberto “Henry” Cuellar is a Democrat who represents Texas’ 28th District, located on the country’s southern border, and has been an outspoken opponent of President Joe Biden’s open border policy. Biden’s unlawful open border policy has had a direct and significant impact on numerous municipalities in his area. Fox has been his only big media source ready to listen to him, and he’s appeared on the show multiple times. Cuellar supports his residents, who are harmed by these policies, rather than being a slave to party politics.

The FBI raided Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar’s Laredo home and campaign headquarters on Wednesday evening. The FBI refused to give any details regarding the inquiry. According to local news sources, boxes were observed being carried from the house. Cuellar is being investigated for campaign financing crimes by the Department of Justice’s Public Integrity, with primaries approaching March.

The FBI has evolved into the investigative arm of a hyper-partisan Department of Justice that no longer views America as a fair playing field, especially under Merrick Garland. Suppose Cuellar targets a political witch hunt rather than an actual criminal probe. In that case, it appears that the Department of Justice and the FBI have broadened their view of what constitutes a danger to Democratic authority. The previous five years have demonstrated that the FBI and DOJ appear to have abandoned Constitutional norms if you’re on the right side of the political spectrum.

Therefore if Cuellar is the target of a political witch hunt rather than an actual criminal probe, the DOJ and FBI appear to have broadened their understanding of what constitutes a danger to Democratic dominance. According to the reports, defendants held in gulag-like conditions for over a year were denied the right to a speedy trial on January 6.