Federal Court Blocks Biden From Firing Military Personnel Seeking Religious Exemptions To Vaccine Mandate

A federal judge in Washington gave Joe Biden a setback on his vaccine mandate plan for the U.S. military on Thursday, just as Biden was preparing to jet off to Europe. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly issued a temporary restraining order blocking the federal government from firing civilian military employees and active-duty personnel who have requested religious exemptions to the mandate.

Judge Kollar-Kotelly, appointed to the federal bench by President Clinton, wrote that none of the covered persons may be subjected to employment discipline while their “request for a religious exemption is pending.” She added that no active-duty plaintiff who has appealed a denial of a religious exemption would be disciplined while their appeal is pending.

The lawsuit gave rise to the injunction last week by 22 plaintiffs subject to the federal military vaccine mandate. The plaintiffs claim that the mandate is unconstitutional and that the restraining order was needed to prevent irreparable harm that would result from involuntary inoculations.

One of the attorneys for the plaintiffs, Michael Yoder, told Fox News that the Biden administration had shown a “cavalier attitude” and “utter ineptitude” towards the rule of law and constitutional requirements. He added that the court’s order puts the plaintiffs “one step closer” to putting the administration “back in its place.”

Yoder continued by saying the Constitution does not “need to be rewritten, it needs to be reread,” and that it is time that “citizens and courts said no to tyranny.”

Another case pending in a New York federal court had a judge ruling that the state must recognize religious exemptions for healthcare workers to the state’s mandate. That ruling followed Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul’s denial of any religious objections to the jab. Hochul’s claimed reasoning for saying there are no “legitimate religious exemptions” was her assertion without evidence that the “leaders of all the organized religions” told her so.