First Lady Compares Hispanics to ‘Breakfast Tacos’

President Joe Biden does not need help in bumbling his way through a disastrous presidency, but on Monday he received some anyway from an unexpected source — first lady Jill Biden.

The gaffe came as the first lady tried to praise Hispanic activist Raul Yzaguirre, a UnidosUS organization leader for three decades.

Speaking to the group’s annual conference in Houston, Biden made the startling comparison between the Hispanic community and “breakfast tacos.” The progressive civil rights and advocacy organization, once known as “La Raza,” was surprised, to say the least.

As was the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, who chided the first lady and her staff for not understanding “the complexities of our people.” In a statement, the association said flatly that “we are not tacos. Do not reduce us to stereotypes.”

Dr. Mariela Roca, a GOP congressional candidate from Maryland, tweeted a comment reminding voters of the first lady’s butchering of “bodegas” in the same speech.

Roca noted that the “Latinx incluxion” conference seems intent on pushing the president’s approval rating in the community “into the ground.” A vast majority of Hispanics disapprove of the progressive “Latinx” that tries to neuter the genders in the Spanish language.

Mostly though, Jill Biden is getting a free pass.

For comparison, in a 2016 presidential debate, then-candidate Donald Trump was castigated for a throwaway remark. The Republican, addressing illegal immigration and drug trafficking, recognized the need to secure the border first and then go after criminals.

He told the national audience that “we have some bad hombres here and we are going to get them out.” “Hombre” in Spanish simply means a man, but more particularly a tough man. That’s it.

But that was enough for the left-wing media and its followers to nail Trump to the cross. His evil words were “racially divisive,” “stupid,” and a host of other offenses unbecoming of an American president.

Doubtless the first lady did not have derogatory ideas in mind when she made the comparison to “breakfast tacos.” No more than Trump did when he called for securing the nation’s southern border and getting violent drug lords and criminals back to the other side.

But smearing the GOP candidate fit the narrative that the liberal establishment and their media minions pushed as fact. The truth of Jill Biden’s intent and Donald Trump’s intent is irrelevant, only how it fits into messaging disguised as reporting.