Florida Democrats Trying to Oust DeSantis

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis has the wind beneath his wings. He currently holds a war chest of over $100 million, along with steady leads in the polls against left-wing challengers.

Last year, Florida’s number of registered Republican voters became higher than registered Democrats in the state. This happened amid thousands of people leaving blue states and moving to Florida for freedom.

This marks a strong contrast from 2018 when DeSantis won his first race for Florida governor, despite the state having far more registered Democratic voters than Republican ones.

This year, DeSantis is running for his second term in office. Multiple Democrats are in the race to oppose him; however, their campaigns are not coming along very well.

Desperation For Anti-DeSantis Talking Points
Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist and Florida agriculture commissioner Nikki Fried are the top two candidates vying for the state’s Democratic nomination to face DeSantis in the general race.

Unfortunately, things aren’t going so nicely for either of them. Fried is 13 points below DeSantis in recent polls. Crist also trails DeSantis; however, he apparently believes plagiarizing Fried’s tweets will give him a leg up.

Twice this week, Fried’s put out tweets attacking DeSantis, only for Crist to copy them onto his own Twitter feed within a matter of hours.

The former Republican copied Fried’s tweet claiming that Florida is less free under DeSantis’ leadership, along with her claim that DeSantis is prohibiting math textbooks.

It’s unclear why Crist apparently didn’t expect people to notice what he was doing and call it out accordingly.

A Shoo-in For DeSantis
Between the Florida governor’s war chest, his strong leads in the polls, and the Florida GOP’s voter registration advantage, all signs point to a second term for DeSantis.

Much of what’s driven Americans to move to Florida (and other red states for that matter) is escaping the left-wing leadership seen in blue states. Electing Fried or Crist into the governor’s mansion would essentially turn Florida into California Lite.

The tweets being put out by Fried (and later Crist) also show a disconnect from the positions many Floridians hold. Under DeSantis’ leadership, Florida has been heralded as a free state, notably one without the harsh mandates and restrictions in other states.

This directly goes against Fried (and later Crist) arguing that Florida somehow has less freedom with DeSantis in charge.

Whichever Democrat ends up winning the nomination should prepare themselves for a loss in November.