Florida Surgeon General Says Joe Biden Is ‘Suppressing Distribution’ Of COVID Medications

The Biden Administration has been intentionally suppressing the distribution of live-saving COVID-19 therapeutic medications, according to Florida’s surgeon general Joseph Ladapo. He said that the White House’s actions undermine Florida’s fight against the pandemic.

Ladapo wrote to Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra on Tuesday, saying that the administration is “actively preventing” monoclonal antibody treatments from being distributed as needed.

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has overseen dozens of treatment sites in the state providing antibody treatments.

The antibody treatments have been shown to significantly shorten the duration of severe illness in those with COVID-19 infections. The Biden Administration has suspended shipments of the medications manufactured by Regeneron and Eli Lilly and has claimed that the treatments are not effective against the new omicron variant.

The administration has allowed one antibody treatment, Sotrovimab, to continue to be distributed. It has been said the medication manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline is effective against Omicron.

Lapado told Becerra that the federal government should not limit Florida’s access to any available treatments. He complained that HHS had moved to institute a “dramatic reduction” in available treatments without any notice to the state. He added that the federal decision to stop the distribution of most medicines because of claims of ineffectiveness against omicron runs counter to the “strong record” established in Florida for the “life-saving therapeutics.”

Ladapo also cited Biden’s admission this week that COVID does not have a “federal solution” and should be addressed by state and local governments. He pointed out how the restrictive distribution of therapeutics runs directly against the president’s recent declaration.

He went on to say that he respectfully requests that HHS allow states and healthcare professionals to provide local communities the options that they know give the most significant benefit to patients.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky said that the delta variant is still prevalent among many elderly populations during an appearance on CNN Wednesday. It appears evident that Florida residents could still receive the benefits of monoclonal antibody treatments now being withheld by Joe Biden.