Forget What ‘The Squad’ Says: The American Dream Is Alive And Well

The Squad reviews the American dream as good as dead now, and the Democrats are on the same page. According to them, the American Dream is unachievable for the Americans residing on the vast stretches of land across America. Biden has delivered various speeches where he has questioned the bright future of the Americans, asking whether the western democracies are even capable of competing with the Chinese model.

The Squad has repeatedly highlighted the importance of equity instead of equality using terms like ‘economic justice’ and ‘climate justice. Because they define success as output rather than input, their priority is significant wealth redistribution for the state to thrive.

The irony is, the data still shows that most Americans are still in favor of the American dream and believe that they can achieve economic stability through equal opportunities because they value the quality of life more than economic enrichment. Across all racial categories, Americans under 30 are the most hopeful, with 54 percent reporting that they are near to achieving their goals and 23 percent already having achieved the American dream, save for only 21 percent. It was recorded that the Americans preferred equal opportunities for economic mobility rather than having the gap filled by the government between the rich and the poor.

According to demographics, becoming affluent was at the bottom of the list of most Americans’ objectives, with “freedom of choice in how to live” at the top. The majority of the Americans agreed to have the same and more opportunities than their previous generations except those without a graduation degree. However, a more significant number still seemed more inclined towards equality for a job opportunity that ensures that they’ll get the jobs if they deserve it no matter where they come.

The sad reality is, the state representatives are murdering the optimism of the Americans. They are being taught from an early age that the system works under equity. The way forward is to be economically wealthy, which is why the Squad has dragged the lack of job opportunities as a failure of the American dream and incessantly repeats it. Nevertheless, the American people still have hope and optimism and believe in their state. It’s the Democrat that needs to stop using hate narratives to extract their benefits.