Former Applebee’s Executive Under Fire for Inflation Comments

The overwhelming majority of Americans can agree that the economy is not in a good place these days.

Some of the worst factors impacting the US economy are inflation and gas prices that are more expensive than they’ve been in years. Because of where inflation stands today, interest rates are also on the rise.

Between higher interest rates, higher inflation, and higher gas prices, living costs are becoming more unaffordable by the day. This is causing many Americans to downsize and make some very uncomfortable adjustments in their lives.

Despite all of these troubling details, now-former Applebee’s executive Wayne Pankratz sent out an email thread claiming that gas prices and inflation are actually positives in society.

According to The Blaze, Pankratz has since been terminated from his position with the company.

How Pankratz Talked Himself Out of a Job

In the former Applebee’s executive’s emails, he stated inflation and higher gas prices are better for company business.

Pankratz argued that because of the rocky nature of the economy, Applebee’s employees are going to have to put in more hours on the job in order to afford the rising costs of living.

He didn’t stop there, though. Pankratz also claimed the current absence of stimulus checks and financial troubles of small businesses create a higher potential worker pool for Applebee’s.

One of the most troubling parts of the email was when Pankratz boasted that some of America’s small businesses will not be able to “hold on.”

Finally, the former Applebee’s executive bragged that most of the company’s employees are living paycheck to paycheck with less and less disposable income, thus benefiting Applebee’s.

After the content of this email thread was leaked to a manager of one of Applebee’s franchises, Prankratz was let go from his job with the company.

In the wake of this, Applebee’s COO Kevin Carol stated that Pankratz’s views about inflation and gas prices are not shared by the company.

Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

As disturbing as Wayne Pankratz’s comments were, he’s not alone. There are many elites who have these views about the economy, but just aren’t publicly saying it as Pankratz did.

The former executive’s views about gas prices are mirrored by the Biden administration. Just earlier this month, the US Transportation Secretary said that until “clean energy” arrives, gas prices won’t be going down.

Meanwhile, others within the Biden administration are calling for Americans to start driving electric vehicles, in light of high gas prices.

As the White House uses economic problems to usher in their Green New Deal agenda, they’re showing just how little they care about real issues Americans face.