Former Child Star Jenette McCurdy Claims Nickelodeon Offered $300,000 to Silence Abuse

Former child star Jennette McCurdy has written an upcoming memoir in which she claims that the children’s cable TV network Nickelodeon offered her $300,000 in “hush money” to keep her quiet about the abuse she suffered as a child while working there.

McCurdy, 30, worked at the network as a star actress from 2007 until 2014. She starred first in the hit show “iCarly” and later in “Sam & Cat.”

In her book, she says that she suffered abuse at the hands of a person she only describes as “The Creator.” Among other allegations, she claims that “The Creator” pressured her to drink alcohol when she was underage. She also said that the person gave her unwanted and inappropriate shoulder massages.

She describes her abuser as “mean-spirited, controlling, and terrifying.” She added that the person was known to make adults cry through insults and degradation. McCurdy said that she wanted to tell her abuser to stop but she was “so scared of offending him.”

She said that when “Sam & Cat” was canceled, she was told by her agent that the network was offering her $300,000 that she should consider to be “a thank-you gift.” She said that she was told by one of her managers that the only condition for accepting the money is that she could “never talk publicly” about her time at the network.

Even though she said she was advised it was “free money,” she refused the payment. She said that she did not intend to take “hush money.”

McCurdy wrote in her book that the network makes shows for children, and should have some kind of “moral compass” and uphold ethical standards.

Dan Schneider was the producer of both of McCurdy’s shows at Nickelodeon. He left the network in 2018 after 20 years as one of its most successful and award-winning producers. He was reportedly the most successful producer in children’s television at the highest-rated basic cable network.

He was interviewed last year by the New York Times and denied allegations that he had ever sexualized or abused child actors. He called the allegations “ridiculous” and said that his “comedy was totally innocent.”

McCurdy also said in her book that she was exploited by her own mother, claiming that she “failed to protect her” as a child actor. She said that when she told her mother about being abused, she was told that it was “the price of showbiz success.”

McCurdy’s mother, Debra McCurdy, died of breast cancer in 2013. McCurdy’s book is titled “I’m Glad My Mom Died.”