Former Diplomat Hoekstra Says Biden Has Mismanaged Foreign Policy Regarding Ukraine

Former US Representative from Michigan Pete Hoekstra, who also served the State Department as Ambassador to the Netherlands, told Newsmax this week that Joe Biden has “boxed himself into a corner” regarding the developing situation between Ukraine and Russia.

Hoekstra said that Biden’s pledge of “unwavering support” for Ukraine’s sovereignty that came after Russia denied a military build-up on the Ukrainian border severely limits US options in the region.

He said that Biden has effectively “drawn a red line,” making a comparison between Biden’s recent statements and Barack Obama’s warnings made to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad about using chemical weapons. That “red line” led to Obama “doing nothing,” according to Hoekstra. He said that the resulting loss of credibility with Russia Biden might suffer could lead to similar difficulties with China and Iran.

The Biden administration is also reportedly considering sending US military advisors and weapons systems to Ukraine to help deal with the apparent Russian threat.

Hoekstra said that Putin is “thriving in an environment where he has leverage.” The upcoming winter months and low natural gas supplies throughout Europe give Putin an advantageous position regarding Russia’s vast natural gas collection.

The former ambassador added that although Putin may not desire a “shooting war in Ukraine,” he may be working toward other objectives. Putin may be seeking a guarantee that Ukraine does not join NATO.

Hoekstra also said he was concerned that America’s allies perceive Biden’s weakness in the eyes of adversaries and his low approval ratings domestically. He said that Biden’s standing with Chinese President Xi Jinping has become even weaker after failing to challenge Xi about his country’s COVID-19 response during their recent virtual summit.

He said that China is still holding back information vital in battling the pandemic and assessing its origins. He also expected that even Xi was surprised at how little pressure he was receiving from Biden.