Former NBA Player Slams LeBron James For Silence On China

Former NBA player Royce White took LeBron James to task for his utter silence on the communist Chinese government’s holding of possibly millions of Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps.

White, noting that James was reportedly given a $1 billion contract by Nike in 2016, also called former President Barack Obama a “sellout.”

On a recent “Free Game Sports” podcast, White minced no words in declaring that James was “given this billion dollars to keep his mouth shut.” What he is not supposed to talk about, White insisted, is that about two million people are in Chinese concentration camps for “being Muslim.”

International observers estimate that up to two million ethnic Uyghurs are being held in camps for indoctrination in the Xinjiang region. The United Nations said it is “deeply concerned at the…credible reports” that the Chinese communists are combating extremism through these facilities.

The NBA has come under fire for its close ties with China, and LeBron James, in particular, drew scrutiny when he criticized democratic protesters in Hong Kong.

This came at the same time he threw his support behind Black Lives Matter and the protests that swept the U.S. in 2020.

White declared that James’ contract was essentially a “payoff to keep his mouth shut” and came with a quid pro quo. Many believe that Nike and other large U.S. corporations have utilized slave labor in the Chinese camps.

White further described the face of the NBA as a “radical materialist.”

Not stopping there, White further described former President Obama in similarly unflattering terms. Both, he said, are “Black bourgeoisie sellouts.”

He believes the pair are the “go-between” between the establishment and the Black community. White said that it will be James and Obama who will “negotiate the terms of our social contract” with those in power.

The desire of the NBA to further tap into the massive Chinese consumer market is no secret, and James along with Nike are big components of this effort. But if James is truly the proponent of social issues that he wants to be seen as, he will address the atrocities alleged against China.