Former US Senator Tells Biden He’d ‘Kick The S—’ Out Of Him

During an interview this week, former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown (R-NH) revealed that he had to tell then-Vice President Joe Biden that he would “kick the s—” out of him after Biden allegedly crossed a line with his wife. He made the remarks on “Tom Shattuck’s Burn Barrel.”

Shattuck began by discussing Biden’s drop in the polls for various reasons, including that people were “irked out about all the hair sniffing and things.” Shattuck continued to talk to Brown, “Women are skeeved out by that stuff, and he’s not a good guy. You know him.”

Brown confirmed that he knew Biden and that the 80-year-old had health problems that made things worse for the president. Brown responded, “We all know people who have dementia and have the beginning of Alzheimer’s, and, you know, he’s got it.”

Brown cited how Biden was always mumbling, how he walked, and his angry outbursts, and said, “It’s a shame that we can’t do better, as I said, in this great country, but you know a lot of people don’t wanna run because of everything you’re seeing now.”

Shattuck brought up a story Brown told him several years prior about Biden getting touchy-feely with his wife. Shattuck asked if Biden was “hair-sniffing Gail” or being “handsy.” Brown responded, “Yeah, yeah.”

Brown continues to tell Shattuck that he had to tell Biden he would “kick the s—” and stopped himself mid-sentence, rephrasing his words, “I told him to stop, so yes.” Brown mentioned that Biden didn’t act the way he thought he should, and he “called him on it.”

Brown was asked if he confronted Biden to his face when it happened. The former senator quickly confirmed, stating, “Oh yeah.” Biden has built a reputation for being a “hair-sniffer” over the years, with various videos and photos exposing him doing just that.

Even some allegations came out against Biden, with multiple women stating that he touched them inappropriately. The left has said it’s his age and has repeatedly defended his inappropriate behavior towards women. Some democrats even said, “It’s just the way he is.”

So, how much does this behavior matter to voters? Reports show that most people hate hair-sniffing and think it’s wildly inappropriate. One poll of 1,200+ individuals weighed in, not just women either.

A staggering 77% of those surveyed thought it was entirely unacceptable for a male political candidate to come up behind a woman to sniff her hair. Most women would likely say the same about anyone in any setting; it’s weird and unsettling.

The poll also surveyed baby boomers and 85% said it was utterly unacceptable. That’s 15% more than millennials. So whatever the excuse is from the left, it’s not good enough according to voters.