Fox News Embraces and Glorifies Transgender Children

Fox News has been going to the dark side for a while now, but recently the network appears to have gone full-woke with its promotion of transgender children.

The network aired a clip of a family who transitioned their young child from a girl to a pretend boy. It was shown on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom” and left many conservatives scratching their heads.

Ryland Whittington was born to what appeared to many an average family. However, at age 5, the girl’s parents decided they wanted to transition their little girl into a boy. The video showcased by Fox showed a 14-year-old and the parents responsible for allowing children to make life-altering decisions sometimes before they can even read.

“We put our story out there so people can see that there’s another family out there that is going through what we’re going through, or there’s another family who’s proud of who they are,” the teenager said.

The shocking story is a part of Fox’s “America Together: LGBTQ+ Pride Month,” which in itself left viewers polarized.

The parents went on to explain that their little girl told them that she was a boy before she could even speak. Then, at age 5, the parents cut her hair and started dressing Ryland in boy’s clothes.

The mother, Hillary, said that her child did not like wearing female clothing, which is how she basically determined her daughter was subconsciously telling her that she was a boy.

The family has gained notoriety and fame by using their story to write books and make YouTube videos. However, critics have pointed out how exploitative the whole situation seems to outsiders.

Rupert Murdoch and his liberal children operate Fox News and the network appears to be like the rest of the left-leaning mainstream cesspool some call media. One of the sons, James Murdoch, and Rupert himself have been massive critics of Donald Trump and have strong connections to elite liberals.

Since the Murdoch family gained more control of the popular network, viewers have noticed Fox News’ slow demise. Their latest glorification of transitioning young children into other genders might be the nail in the coffin.