Gabbard: Democrats Will ‘Smear And Discredit’ RFK Jr.

Former Hawaii congresswoman and Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard revealed the Democratic plan to shoot down the primary candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Speaking on “Fox News Tonight,” Gabbard said the party first sought to “ignore him” before it will “seek to smear and discredit him.”

Finally, she explained, the Democratic Party will race to “pull out all stops and destroy him.”

She said that she is in a great position to know, since that’s what party leadership did to her in the 2020 Democratic primary. Right now, Gabbard declared, they are doing the same thing to RFK Jr.

Gabbard detailed the party’s strategy to “plant a seed of doubt and concern in voters’ minds” by hurling “baseless accusations and lies.”

She told the audience that neither she nor Kennedy have the enormous wealth needed to fight off the onslaught coming from the top of the party.

Gabbard said that a wealthy billionaire could combine their values with their dollars and assist RFK Jr. with getting his message out to voters. That is necessary, she added, because the DNC will do everything in its power to stop him from getting that vision to the public.

There is an air of nervousness rippling through the Democratic Party as Kennedy’s profile continues to rise. The anti-vaccine crusader rose in the polls in a very short time and garnered media attention as a result.

Polls back up his strengthening position. A CNN survey released on May 25 showed RFK Jr. taking 20% of Democratic support, while recent Fox News data showed him with a 16% backing of registered party voters.

Kennedy on Monday made another splash in the 2024 Democratic primary race when he was featured in a SiriusXM streamed interview. He told the audience that he is an “evidence-based person” and reiterated his skepticism over many vaccines.

RFK Jr. also slammed those who want to impose candidates on the American people.

As he said, the U.S. does not have “the Soviet system where the party would, you know, pick the candidates.” He said that the U.S. public needs to see democracy in action.

He then moved over to social media where he had a Twitter Spaces conversation with Elon Musk. The candidate thanked Musk for his “service” in buying the platform.