Gavin Newsom Takes Potshot At Second Amendment In Rage Against Pro-Life Texas Heartbeat Act

Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom used last week’s decision by the Supreme Court to allow the pro-life Texas Heartbeat Act to remain in force until a final ruling is announced to score a political hit on the Second Amendment. Newsom issued a statement Saturday threatening a plan to pass a gun control law with enforcement provisions modeled on the Texas law prohibiting abortions after a fetal heartbeat is medically detected.

The Heartbeat Act provides that private citizens are authorized to bring legal action to enforce the provisions of the law, as opposed to state officials or prosecuting attorneys. Newsom said that he believes the Supreme Court’s decision last week about the dispute over the law now allows state governments to always bypass federal courts when enacting statutes.

Last week’s ruling limited but did not eliminate the capacity of abortion advocates to maintain their lawsuit challenging the Texas law in federal courts. The Court allowed the Heartbeat Act to remain in effect until a final decision was announced, denying the request of the Biden administration to place a temporary block on the law.

Newsom responded Saturday by saying that he was “outraged” by the decision of the Supreme Court. He said that California would use the “authority” he believes has been granted to states to “shield their laws from review by the federal courts” to challenge the rights expressly protected by the Second Amendment. He added his opinion that the Heartbeat Act is used by Texas “to put women in harm’s way.”

Newsom said that he has instructed his staff to join with the California attorney general and the state legislature to “craft a bill” allowing private citizens to bring legal action against anyone who manufactures, sells, or distributes an “assault weapon or ghost gun kit.”

He added that if the “threat of private lawsuits” is the most efficient method for his government to restrict the right of American citizens to defend and protect themselves and their families, then that is just what the California government should do.