GOP Fires Back After Democrat Demands Release Of Archer Transcript

The Republican-led House Oversight Committee has fired back after one of President Joe Biden’s strongest defenders, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY), demanded the release of the transcript of the interview with Hunter Biden’s business partner Devon Archer.

Archer gave closed-door testimony on Monday, where he reportedly confirmed that Joe Biden had been on speakerphone with Hunter Biden’s business associates more than 20 times to sell “the brand.”

Joe Biden has repeatedly insisted that he never even spoke to his son about his foreign business dealings, let alone talked to the business associates — and his allies in the media and the Democrat Party have parroted that talking point. Now, in light of the new evidence, they have changed their arguments.

After the testimony, a flustered-looking Goldman told reporters that it would have been rude for Joe Biden not to have said “Hello” to his son’s business associates during meetings and conversations.

Now that the talking points have changed, Democrats like Goldman are insisting that all Joe Biden talked about with Hunter Biden and his business associates were pleasantries and the weather. Goldman demanded that the Republican-led Oversight Committee release the transcript of the interview, arguing during a CNN appearance that it would not lead anyone to believe that Joe Biden benefited financially from his son’s business dealings.

Sharing a clip of his CNN interview, Goldman repeated his demand in a tweet.

The official account for the Republican House Oversight Committee fired back at Goldman, reminding him of the rules that he is clearly aware of about releasing transcripts — while also making a dig at Joe Biden.

“Democrats can’t explain President Biden’s lies about talking with Hunter’s business associates so they are now pretending not to know how congressional transcripts work,” the tweet read.

Goldman “was a staffer not long ago and knows that every transcribed interview goes through the same process. First, we need to receive it from the court reporters (we haven’t yet!), and then the witness gets the chance to review it,” the tweet continued. “Once that process has happened, we will release the transcript. Also, no one believes Joe only talked about the weather.”