GOP Officials Sign Letter In Protest Of Expanded Federal Election Powers

The Biden administration has created a stir with an executive action that gives the federal government new powers over various aspects of the electoral process. In response, secretaries of state from more than a dozen GOP-led states signed a letter this week urging the White House to reconsider the controversial move.

Executive Order 14019 specifically authorizes federal entities to provide voters with more “opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in” elections.

Agencies including the Department of Labor and Department of Housing and Urban Development have already begun seizing on the newfound authority by providing easy access to voter registration materials. A number of prominent conservatives are concerned that Biden administration agencies will team up with progressive groups in an effort to focus such efforts on traditionally Democratic communities.

GOP lawmakers are requesting additional information about the executive order from the Office of Management and Budget while a total of 15 Republican secretaries of state are asserting that the new federal powers are unconstitutional.

“Executive Order 14019 calls for federal agencies to develop plans that duplicate voter registration efforts conducted at teh state level and ignores codified procedures and programs in our state constitutions and laws,” the state officials wrote.

Efforts to federalize aspects of the election system have come under fire repeatedly thus far in the Biden administration.

Former OMB Director Russell Vought cowrote an opinion piece last month in which he argued against the implementation of this “unprecedented” executive order.

The op-ed criticized Biden’s scheme for being short on details while paving the way for “a Democrat get-out-the-vote campaign at every intersection the federal government has with American citizens” ahead of the upcoming midterm elections.

Echoing the secretaries of state who argue that the executive order is unconstitutional will empower federal agencies to “partner with third-party organizations to interfere with state-run elections,” Vought asserted that “multiple Freedom of Information Act requests” for additional details about the executive order fell on deaf ears.

“Now it’s up to the courts to compel the Department of Justice to respond,” the opinion article determined, citing a lawsuit by the Foundation for Government Accountability as evidence that a judge might side with critics of the executive order and require the Biden administration to release the requested documents before November’s elections.