Governor Hochul ‘Hypocritically’ Tells Citizens She Is ‘Evaluating’ New Mask Guidance While Enjoying Florida Freedom

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new guidance materials last week regarding wearing masks to prevent COVID-19 transmission. Some blue state politicians are predictably slow to react while enjoying freedoms they deny their citizens.

Democratic New York Governor Kathy Hochul posted a tweet on Friday saying her Administration is “evaluating” the new guidance and will update residents on “potential changes” as she consults first with the teachers’ unions in New York. Of course, she described them as “stakeholders in our school communities.”

An exciting twist to Hochul’s message is that she sent it from a meeting of the Democratic Governors Association from Florida. The leading red state Democrats love to criticize its freedom-based approach to COVID-19.

Christina Pushaw briefly pointed out the splendid irony of Houchul’s tweet. She pointed out that Hochul wrote her post in Florida, “where kids can breathe freely.”

The new CDC guidance issued Friday loosens recommendations for indoor settings, including schools, in US counties considered at “low” or “medium” risk. The change will mean most Americans will not be advised to wear masks in any setting.

The CDC said that its analysis was based on a change in the metric used to form masking recommendations. The agency is moving from COVID case counts to a broader view that looks at “community risk.” Around 70 percent of Americans are currently in low or medium risk counties.

In addition to case numbers, the CDC is now also considering total hospitalizations and community hospital capacities. The updated guidance indicates a move by the CDC to more closely match the masking mandate and vaccination mandate changes being made in many local jurisdictions.

The fantastic amount of power that teachers’ unions wield over blue state governments will almost certainly continue to pressure politicians like Hochul to continue with measures that benefit education system employees at the expense of America’s schoolchildren and their families who remain captive to the public education bureaucracy.