Governor Ron DeSantis: COVID Has ‘Raised’ Public Awareness Of The ‘Importance’ Of State Elections

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis pumped up interest in this year’s midterm elections during an appearance on the Ruthless podcast on Friday, predicting that the COVID-19 pandemic has helped ordinary Americans appreciate the importance of state elections. He said that more people than ever now realize that their governor is more consequential in their daily lives than the US President.

DeSantis acknowledged that midterm election years typically see far lower voter turnout than presidential election years but predicted there might be a bit of a shift in that trend this year.

He used the example of his home state to make the point, saying that his refusal to lock Florida down for months drew the ire of progressive politicians and the corporate media. As a result, he said there is an opportunity nationwide to get people who don’t always vote at the polls to hear their voice on COVID-19 policy issues. This November, the governor said that Republicans would have a “tsunami of turnout” in November.

DeSantis added that the prospect of “rewriting the political map” in Florida should be exciting to every citizen, saying that the congressional races and others up and down the ballot will present the opportunity to “build a phenomenal coalition.”

Governor DeSantis is leading in the polls in his race for re-election against challengers Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL) and Democrat Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Nikki Fried.

As if the gubernatorial race needed any additional spice to get people excited, Fried said during an interview on Friday that DeSantis is comparable to infamous Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. The 44-year-old Fried described herself as a “student of history” who “saw the rise of Hitler” and found there are “a lot of ways” in which DeSantis is comparable to the World War II-era dictator of the German empire. The only example she offered was that Hitler “wanted his militia,” which must have been a reference to efforts by DeSantis to re-establish a preexisting state guard similar to those in place in 22 other American states.