Hanson: Americans In Vital Fight To Save Ancient Right Of Citizenship

On Friday, Victor Davis Hanson wrote a column on The Federalist about facing ordinary Americans’ fights to save the ancient right of citizenship.

He began by asking how our country’s borders have disappeared, despite the precise requirements of immigration laws enacted by Congress according to the Constitution.

Hanson also asked how unelected officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci, Gen. Mark Milley, James Comey, and John Brennan can routinely act beyond any legal authority granted to their positions with impunity.

He wondered how publicly funded universities feel free to ignore students’ due process rights and the First Amendment.

Hanson asked why Americans face another energy crisis even as the White House moves to cripple domestic oil and gas production and lamented the supply-chain crisis that has citizens seeing empty shelves with no real plan or schedule for recovery.

He asked how the homeless now dominate the public spaces in many cities, even as previously industrious Americans have decided to stop working altogether.

Hanson noted that all of these things had happened even as the federal government was blasting toward $30 trillion in debt, with nothing but plans to spend record amounts in the years to come with no end in sight.

Even as refugees and illegal immigrants are released to wander the inside of the country without so much as a COVID test, many government employees and service members are being subjected to mandatory vaccines.

The middle class is being destroyed by regulations as the very wealthy and the very poor are exempted. After all, the only reliable targets for bureaucrats and tax collectors are ordinary working people.

Hanson asks in light of all of this how the citizens have lost control of America.

As he describes in his newly released book, the middle class has been eaten up by the super-wealthy and the poor who rely on government subsidies while the country has lost a shared civic identity.

Progressives have become an entitled class of government clerks and administrators who have usurped the power meant to be reserved to the people and their elected representatives.

Hanson has hope, however, that citizenship is not dead. He sees millions of middle-class parents awakening to reassert control over their children’s education. Thousands of government and health care employees are fighting back against vaccination mandates, even for those with natural immunity.

He sees a remaining chance for widespread practical protests and the coming elections to awaken the American spirit before all is lost.