Hardcore Conservative and Trump-backed Candidate Kari Lake Wins Arizona Primary

One of the most significant elections so far in 2022 was won by conservative powerhouse Kari Lake in Arizona.

She secured the win for the state’s gubernatorial primary in a highly anticipated election.

Many RINOs and Democrats gleefully took to social media to say Lake lost. However, that was before all the ballots came in.

Lake is a former news anchor who left that role to throw her hat into the political ring. The GOP establishment is growing stronger in its support for RINOs. But Lake’s win showed that grassroots conservatives still hold power to make a difference.

The conservative majority ultimately voted against Karrin Taylor Robson, who many establishment Republicans were backing.

Lake is known for her controversial stances, but she has found favor in the eyes of many conservatives for her strong beliefs. Election fraud is a topic that is gaining more popularity due to more and more evidence coming to light. Lake stated that she was against the certification of President Joe Biden’s alleged 2020 presidential win.

“Arizonans who have been forgotten by the establishment just delivered a political earthquake,” Lake said in a statement after it was revealed that she won.

She now will be up against Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in the looming November election.

Once the heavily populated county of Maricopa was counted, the race was officially called in Lake’s favor.

This is more than an election,” she said. “It is a beautiful movement by so many people across our beautiful state to finally put Arizona First.”

Former President Donald Trump strongly supported Lake, which made Democrats’ and RINOs’ heads spin.

Her competitor, Karrin Taylor Robson, was backed by controversial former Vice President Mike Pence.

Early results showed Taylor Robson in the lead, but Lake was confident the numbers would eventually be in her favor.

“There is no path to victory for my opponent, and we won this race. Period,” she said when her competitor was in the lead. “I don’t want any of you not to believe that.”
“And I want to thank President Donald J. Trump,” she added. “He’s the one that got this whole thing going.”

If Lake can secure the win in November, it could help give conservatives momentum to change the U.S. back in the right direction.