Hardcore Leftist Democrats Are Tearing Down Every Bridge With Sinema

With Joe Biden’s leftist “Build Back Better” spending spree tottering, hardcore progressives are targeting Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) more every day because of her unwillingness to comply meekly. With the humiliation Democrats took in the Virginia governor’s race on Tuesday, the continuing burning of connections with Sinema is likely to ramp up.

Sinema has been trailed into a bathroom by progressive radicals while they videoed her movements. She has been harassed on airplanes as well. This past weekend, she was officiating the wedding of a friend’s daughter in a closed area in Bisbee, Arizona, when protesters did everything they could to ruin the event for everyone involved.

Part of the pattern of harassment is designed to break Sinema’s resistance to being blindly directed by her party. Another purpose is to make life more difficult for everyone around her, especially her supporters, friends, and staff.

The next logical step that the activists might take is to begin harassing Sinema’s friends even when she is not around. Even if the senator is resistant to efforts to compel her to follow the Congressional Progressive Caucus instructions, she might bend to pressure directed at people who support her.

No place or event is too private for activists to infiltrate, and in the sort of political game, everything is fair play. Expecting progressives to have any feelings of shame or decorum is a fool’s errand.

Sinema is probably best served by continuing her ordinary course of business by ignoring those attempting to terrorize her into compliance. She has consistently made public statements about her fidelity to Arizona voters above Democratic leaders and operatives.

The Arizona senate race coming up next year between incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) and Republican upstart Blake Masters is indeed already sending signals to Sinema about her standing in her re-election effort coming up in 2024. Many have speculated that Sinema may soon declare herself as an independent or even switch over to the GOP if she continues to be harassed by Democrats and their operatives.