Hillary Clinton Can’t Stop Attacking Trump Supporters

Like many other Democrats, Hillary Clinton can’t help but showcase her disdain for supporters of former President Trump.

The two-timed defeated presidential contender first began this pattern in 2016. Clinton, while campaigning for the White House, deemed Trump supporters to be a “basket of deplorables.”

Since then, Democrats have written off Trump supporters as everything from “semi-fascist” to threats against the country’s democracy. Even after this rhetoric led to attacks on GOP offices and Republicans themselves, Democrats still can’t help themselves.

Days ago, Clinton continued her pattern of going after Trump supporters, this time comparing them to followers of Adolf Hitler.

Clinton on Trump Supporters
While speaking in Texas, Clinton expressed her annoyance with Trump supporters who went to his rally in Ohio. The failed presidential contender claimed that male Trump supporters raising their fingers in the air mirrored various salutes that Hitler’s followers gave to him.

Echoing talking points from other Democrats, Clinton also argued the country is in a battle between democracy-centered Democrats vs. autocracy-centered Republicans. Later Clinton rhetorically questioned “what happened” to supporters of Trump and Hitler’s past supporters.

These latest comments come as Democrats are desperately trying to win the midterm elections in November. The polls show Democrats are at least likely to lose the House of Representatives. Even this alone will stop the left from being able to pass legislation on party votes alone.

A Dog-whistle to Radical Leftists
At this rate, Democrats continuing to attack Trump supporters are deliberately fanning the flames of political violence.

Days after Joe Biden called Republicans “semi-fascist,” the headquarters of a local GOP office in Central Florida was vandalized with a profane message reading “eat sh*t, fascists.”

Weeks after that, an 18-year-old Trump supporter was mowed down by a middle-aged Democrat who claimed he felt threatened by the teenager.

As Democrats dog-whistle and encourage this violence against conservatives, polling has shown pluralities of people expect the nation to break out into a civil war.

Not a single mainstream Democrat has acknowledged the left-wing violence being carried out against conservatives and Trump supporters since the comments from Biden and Clinton.

One could argue these folks know exactly what they’re doing and may even want to see reports of Republicans being brutalized.