Hillary Clinton Shuts Down Rumors of Presidential Run

Across the nation, growing conversations about candidates in the 2024 presidential election are beginning to emerge. This is true not just on the GOP’s side, but also on the side of the Democrats.

Despite Joe Biden’s incumbent status, increasing numbers of Democratic officials and left-wingers do not want him to seek a second term.

Heavily left-wing publications, such as the New York Times and The Atlantic, have released scathing pieces that all but demand Biden not to run again.

With Biden losing support from his own base, other possible Democratic contenders for 2024 have come up. However, in the case of twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, she’s taking herself off the table entirely.

Clinton on the 2024 Presidential Election
While speaking with the Financial Times, Hillary Clinton made it plain that she has no intention of running for president again. According to Clinton, this scenario is “out of the question.”

The former secretary of state also claimed that for someone else to get in the way of a Biden run would be “disruptive.” Although, Clinton didn’t mention the growing numbers of Democratic officials who disagree and believe Biden should step aside in 2024.

In the same interview, Clinton also talked about the supposed perils that “democracy” faces, amid the prospect of Democrats losing future elections. Outside of Clinton’s Financial Times interview, she’s also chosen to take shots at former President Trump and his supporters.

In announcing that she won’t run for the White House in 2024, Clinton reiterated it is imperative for the Democrat Party to defeat Republicans in upcoming elections.

More From Hillary Clinton
The latest Financial Times interview is a continuation of Clinton’s previous rhetoric in support of Joe Biden.

Even as her own party turns against the current president, Clinton persists in singing his praises. At one point, the twice-failed presidential candidate even lashed out at Americans who apparently aren’t appreciative enough of Biden.

Clinton remains on the record praising Biden’s response to the baby formula shortage crisis and otherwise making it clear she believes he’s doing a good job in office.

Judging from Biden’s recent approval numbers in the polls, less than four in ten Americans agree with Clinton.