Hispanic Republican Responds to Jill Biden’s ‘Tacos’ Comment

On Monday, first lady Jill Biden caused an avalanche of backlash during her speech at the “LatinX IncluXion” event. Biden was speaking about the diversity of the Hispanic community when she compared this diversity to that of breakfast tacos found in San Antonio, Texas.

The first lady’s statements did not go over well. They were met with instant backlash from Americans of all races and ethnicities. Likewise, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists urged Biden not to stereotype the Hispanic community and to instead learn about its culture.

On Tuesday, the first lady apologized for her comment through her press secretary. Nevertheless, one Hispanic Republican is now fundraising off the first lady’s faux pas.

A Clear Message From Cassy Garcia
In Texas’ 28th district, Garcia is running to be the next representative of the community. Her campaign comes as Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) is running for reelection in this district.

Following the first lady’s infamous “tacos” comment on Monday, Garcia released new campaign shirts reading “unique as a taco.” In doing so, the GOP candidate urged her supporters to purchase the t-shirt and help ensure that Cuellar doesn’t get reelected

In remarks to The Daily Wire, Garcia also expanded on the issues she sees with Biden’s remarks. The Republican candidate explained that Democrats who are woke don’t have a clue about what Hispanic culture is really all about.

Garcia then stated Democrats only see Hispanics as potential voters, failing to understand the community’s support for legal immigration, public safety, and a protected border.

The Texas Republican later mentioned that as she campaigns on these values, left-wing media outlets are consistently attacking her.

More From Garcia on the Danger of Democrats
Not only has Garcia called out the many issues with Jill Biden’s “tacos” comment, but she’s also noting the problems with Democratic policies in general.

Taking to social media, the Republican warned that as prices rise across the board, Democrats aren’t offering anything of substance. Garcia also warned that Cuellar will not do anything to facilitate a better future if he gets reelected in November.

Thus far, Garcia is letting her district know that they deserve more than the “woke talk” and failed policies being peddled by Biden, Cuellar, and the Democrat Party at large.