House Bill Would Prevent Schools From Housing Undocumented Immigrants

The steady flow of undocumented immigrants into the United States throughout the Biden administration has led to a number of domestic problems, not the least of which involves finding suitable shelter for these individuals.

In some cases, public schools have been repurposed to serve as makeshift housing for immigrants, but House Republicans want to put an end to the practice.

According to reports, a vote earlier this week narrowly passed in the chamber along party lines. House Resolution 3941, also known as the Schools Not Shelters Act, is intended to prevent federal money from being used to house undocumented migrants in schools.

U.S. Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) pointed the finger at President Joe Biden and New York City Mayor Eric Adams for making such a proposal necessary.

“There are two people who are truly responsible for the influx of millions of migrants into our country and city: President Biden, who opened our borders on day one of his administration with no order, process, or plan, and Mayor Adams, who misinterpreted New York City’s ‘Right to Shelter’ law and has continued to incentivize migrants with free housing and benefits,” she said.

In a statement on the House floor defending the bill, Rep. John Rose (R-TN) asserted: “By housing illegal immigrants on school campuses, children are being put at risk.”

He went on to accuse “elected officials who endorse these plans” of “sending a clear message to children and parents that illegal immigrants and President Biden’s failure to secure the southern border matter more than their education.”

Although a few Democrats voted in favor of the bill, which passed by a 222-to-201 margin, there is no indication that it will survive a vote in the Democratic-controlled Senate or receive Biden’s signature if it advances to his desk.

In fact, the White House issued a statement denouncing the proposal, claiming that it “would supersede local control, interfering with the ability of states and municipalities to effectively govern and make decisions about their school buildings.”

Federation of American Immigration Reform President Dan Stein, on the other hand, issued a statement depicting the bill as “an important step toward protecting American schoolchildren and the integrity of their education.”