House Republicans Demand Information From Biden Administration About Money Sent To Mexico For “Remain In Mexico” Restart

Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has begrudgingly taken steps to reinstate the “Remain in Mexico” Migraine Protection Protocols (MPP) program instituted during President Donald Trump’s Administration after being ordered to do so by the federal courts. The MPP program is designed to have migrants making asylum claims at the southern border return to Mexico while waiting for their hearing in federal immigration court.

The Federalist reported that the Biden Administration sends federal taxpayer funds to Mexico as part of the MPP restart. However, the Administration refuses to say how much money is going to Mexico or its use.

A group of House Republicans on the Foreign Affairs Committee are now demanding details from Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The Supreme Court agreed to hear the Administration’s case challenging the MPP but let a lower court ruling commanding that MPP be reinstated remain in effect until the final ruling in the matter.

Even as the southern border remains utterly porous and record numbers of illegal immigrants are entering the country, the Administration has been slow-walking, bringing MPP back into effect.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) was the primary signatory on this week’s letter to Blinken as the committee’s ranking member. The group has been asking for information about MPP funding since the Biden Administration was ordered to restart it last year. The Administration has still not provided a breakdown of its funding for MPP in northern Mexico, who is receiving the funds, or what amounts are being spent.

No information has been provided regarding funding for migrant housing in Mexico either. No Republican lawmakers have been advised of how many migrants have been returned to Mexico, where they are being housed, or how the shelters are being paid for.

The last two years of the Trump Administration saw around 68,000 migrants enrolled in MPP. From December 2021 through the end of last month, only 673 migrants have been enrolled in the renewed program.

Because of the total lack of transparency, Republican lawmakers and the public are left to speculate about whether taxpayer funds are going to nefarious purposes related to Mexican cartel trafficking or other waste.