Hundreds Of NYC Teachers Fired Over Vaccine Discrimination

Hundreds of more New York City teachers have been fired for not getting COVID-19 vaccines.

The New York City Department of Education decided to terminate 850 teachers recently for their personal health decisions. Those numbers bring the total amount of New York school employees fired for their medical stances to 1,950.

The terminated also lost their health insurance benefits, leaving them in a challenging financial situation.

There were 1,300 employees placed on leave unless and until they proved they were vaccinated by September 5. Only 450 got vaccinated before the deadline and have been allowed to return to work.

Those who stood strong were “deemed to have voluntarily resigned.”

Thousands of New York-based workers were left jobless after an October 4, 2021, mandate demanded they get the COVID shots. About 5% of the 148,000 public school employees were put on unpaid leave with help from former Mayor Bill de Blasio. Those discriminated against included principals, teachers, food-related workers and school safety agents.

De Blasio said, “Every adult in our schools is now vaccinated, and that’s going to be the rule going forward.”

Current Mayor Eric Adams kept the mandate in place, saying that “city workers served on the front lines during the pandemic, and by getting vaccinated, they are, once again, showing how they are willing to do the right thing to protect themselves and all New Yorkers.”

Those who disagreed that this was the right thing to do for themselves were stripped of their livelihoods, including frontline workers who were once hailed as heroes. Tens of thousands of healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters, and other frontline workers were fired for their lack of compliance with getting the controversial COVID shot that has been shown not to stop transmission.

New York’s crime rate has risen by 36%, and the loss will significantly impact the city, with thousands of unvaccinated NYPD police officers being fired. The loss of thousands of educators will also play a part in the liberal state’s continual downfall.

According to the New York State United Teachers union, about 180,000 will need to be hired in the next decade. The union’s vice president, Jolene DiBrango, said, “The teacher shortage is definitely not looming anymore. It is here. It is in a full-blown crisis mode.”

With medical, religious and bodily discrimination continuing to be pushed by Democrat politicians, the public education system is seeing the consequences.