Hunter Biden Had Office In Home Where Classified Documents Found

For all of the wailing over former President Trump’s keeping of documents at his home at Mar-a-Lago, it turns out that President Biden made another key error in his classified documents scandal.

It turns out that the home Joe Biden owns in which the classified files were found was also used as a home office by his son Hunter.

This means that Hunter Biden could have had access to the hot docs every day before they were discovered and remanded back to law enforcement officials.

Imagine what Hunter Biden could have done with them. He was a former member of a Ukrainian gas company, Burisma. He could have passed on information to a foreign spy or accidentally gave access in some other way.

If there is one thing we know about Hunter Biden, it’s that he doesn’t exactly have discretion. He could have had a steady train of people coming to visit him for… various reasons. There could have been ample access to the documents collected in the Biden home.

The Biden excuses for the documents are wearing thin. They are especially full of hypocrisy due to the White House’s overreaction over former President Trump’s access to classified files.

Now, it comes out that Biden’s own son, who had shady business dealings and a substance abuse problem, could see the most critical documents in our government’s possession? Something isn’t right.

The Biden document scandal has grown so large that even some Democrats are distancing themselves from the president. The latest revelations won’t help the White House at all.

The question still remains: why did President Biden allow his son, with so many documented problems, access to a house in which there were classified documents? Maybe it is a matter of personal restraint, but it doesn’t really matter.

Joe Biden put our country at risk by his decisions.

Hopefully, it doesn’t turn out that Hunter Biden accidentally sold some of the top secret files to a foreign adversary. We have enough problems happening in the world right now— we don’t need Hunter creating another one.